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Nokia announced that it has been ranked as the leader in optical networks in India by market share, according to Omdia, a leading independent global research firm. Nokia grew by more than 10% last year, acquiring over 25% market share to gain the top position in India’s optical networks market, according to the recent Omdia report on market share analysis. Nokia's comprehensive and innovative product portfolio coupled with its strong presence in the country has enabled it to consistently increase its share in the optical networks.  

Nokia has differentiated itself by offering cutting-edge optical networks products for all segments of the communications network. Its extensive range of products also includes unique solutions for Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and the enterprise market. Developed by Nokia Bell Labs, Nokia’s super coherent Digital Signal Processors (DSP) - Photonic Service Engine (PSE) - uses the pathbreaking modulation technique of Probabilistic Constellation Shaping (PCS) to advance the optical fiber transmission capacity to the Shannon Limit. This helps the service providers achieve better spectral efficiency while providing higher bandwidth and better reach. Service providers also benefit from lower power consumption, lower footprints, and lowest cost per bit transport. 

Ian Redpath, Practice Leader, Transport Networks & Components at Omdia, said: “India’s dynamic optical networks market is on a growth path with an ever-increasing data consumption. Nokia’s Photonic Service Engine based products have changed the game by allowing the service providers to improve the capacity while managing costs. Nokia’s focus on product innovation, backward compatibility of its DSPs and solving customer’s challenges has helped the company achieve #1 position in optical networks in India in 2020, increasing its market share by over 10% year on year.”  

Chandan Kumar, Head of Optics - India at Nokia, said: “We are delighted by Omdia's report ranking Nokia as the leader in the optical networks market in India. It is a testimony to our commitment to introduce products that address the specific pain points of our customers. Our PSE based products allow service providers to continuously push the limits of their optical networks. Our optical products enabled with control plane functionality offers one of the fastest network traffic restoration through an alternate path, crucial for India due to a number of simultaneous fiber cuts every day.”

According to Omdia's market share analysis report, India’s optical networks market is more than $415 million, spread across all layers of telecom networks, including backhaul, access, aggregation and National Long Distance. This is set to grow in the next few years because of continuous growth in mobile data consumption. Overall average data usage per month registered a CAGR of 76% from 2015-2020, touching 13.5GB in December 2020, according to Nokia’s MBiT Index 2021. The service providers are hard-pressed to cost-effectively enhance the capacity of the transmission network.  

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