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Thai telecommunications company, AIS, has made headlines by partnering with IPification to offer advanced phone number verification solutions in Thailand.

Phone number verification solutions play a vital role in various sectors, including banking, e-commerce, healthcare, and digital services, where secure and reliable identity verification is essential. In Thailand, where digitalization is rapidly expanding across industries and online transactions are becoming increasingly common, the importance of robust verification solutions cannot be overstated.

IPification is a leading global provider of mobile IP address-based authentication, phone verification, and fraud prevention services. The phone verification process is quick and easy, requiring users to enter their phone number and click once for their request to be completed in milliseconds.

In the financial sector, phone number verification is crucial for ensuring the security of online banking transactions, preventing fraud, and protecting customers' sensitive information. With the rise of mobile banking and digital payment platforms in Thailand, the ability to verify users' identities through their phone numbers helps banks and financial institutions mitigate risks and comply with regulatory requirements.

Moreover, in the e-commerce and digital services sectors, phone number verification is essential for authenticating users, preventing unauthorized access to accounts, and enhancing overall cybersecurity. With the growing popularity of online shopping and digital platforms for various services in Thailand, the need to verify the identity of users to prevent fraudulent activities and protect personal data is paramount.

Furthermore, phone number verification solutions play a crucial role in enhancing user experience by streamlining the registration and login processes for online services. By eliminating the need for cumbersome verification methods such as OTP (one-time password) via SMS, advanced solutions like those provided by IPification enable seamless and secure user authentication, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Mr. Phupa Akavipat, Acting Chief Enterprise Business Officer at AIS, emphasized the importance of enabling developers to access telecommunication services to enhance the development of secure applications and digital services. He believes that prioritizing user security will have a positive impact on the economy and accelerate mobile application development through efficient API integration.

IPification's phone verification solution, which is now available in Thailand, currently has a global reach of over 3.5 billion subscribers.

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