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China’s Unicom and game developer NetDragon WebSoft have teamed up to demonstrate the possibilities of 5G-powered classrooms.

They held a conference together titled ‘5G + Smart education Industry’ in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province in central China, where they showcased their innovations.

Unicom presented a psychics class which taught several students across different regions in China through holograms and other elements of 5G technology.

 “5G will become a crucial foundation for our country’s information and communication construction, as well as the key to the development of industrial internet and artificial intelligence. We will leverage resources from our existing network, incubation of 5G applications, and support from our industrial chain to fully support the development of education in China,” said Mr. Liang Baojun, Deputy Manager of China Unicom.

NetDragon demonstrated various education products such as Holographic Interactive Learning, VR Immersion Classroom, VR Anti-Drug, One-Stop Learning, VR Fire Safety, 101 Education PPT and some other products.

“As the technical supporter of this open class, NetDragon is committed to delivering innovative ideas and technologies to the industry. The success of this open lecture not only allowed the industry to witness the mature application of China Unicom 5G technology but also fully demonstrated NetDragon’s holographic technology and VR technology and its plentiful education resources.”

The organizers of the conference were the National Engineering Research Center for E-Learning and National Engineering Laboratory for Educational Big Data of Central China Normal University, Huawei Technologies and China Information Communication Technologies Group Corporation.

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