During Mobile World Congress Shanghai, Nokia and Tencent, one of China's leading providers of Internet services, have signed an agreement to carry out joint research and development work to explore the potential of 5G for the provision of new applications, including those for a variety of vertical markets.

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After seven years of litigation that spanned the globe, Apple and Samsung have definitively ended a patent battle launched after the US company accused its rival of “slavishly” copying the iPhone's groundbreaking design. According to a brief US court filing, the world's two biggest smartphone makers finally reached a settlement.

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The US Commerce Department recommended against approval of China Mobile's seven year old application to enter the domestic market, citing national security concerns. The move marked the latest blast from the US under President Donald Trump in its growing trade dispute with China. US tariffs against billions of dollars worth of Chinese goods are set to kick in on Friday and China has vowed to retaliate.

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The Asia-Pacific region has seen a threefold increase in LTE roaming traffic in 2017, according to the latest figures of BICS. At the beginning of 2018, the top destination for outgoing roamers from Asia-Pacific using LTE services was Europe. The generated outbound LTE roaming traffic reached around 54%.

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The world’s biggest telecom tower infrastructure company China Tower has confirmed that it has been given the seal of approval to proceed with the launch of its IPO.

The company has been given the go-ahead for a $10bn listing on the Hong Kong stock exchange which would dwarf the IPO of global smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi.

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The theme of this year’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai was: Discover the Future – and the future of 5G and AI featured prominently throughout all of the opening keynote sessions on the opening day of the industry-leading event, which attracted thousands of key influencers from all over the ICT world.

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