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Ericsson and Datastream Digital Sdn Bhd (DST) have signed an agreement to transition DST's customer contact application to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The application's cloud-native hosting on AWS advances DST's digital-first strategy and solidifies its leadership in Brunei.

Launching Innovative Service Experiences

Ludvig Landgren, Head of MOAI Cloud Software and Services, Ericsson, said, “This work is a great example of close collaboration and innovation between DST, AWS and Ericsson. It enables DST to launch and monetize new and innovative service experiences for its subscribers in a faster and more efficient way. The deal has further strengthened our relationship with DST and AWS, paving the way for more successful collaborations in the future.”

DST's digital-first approach has helped it lead Brunei's market by offering users ground-breaking digital avenues to access its cutting-edge services. Ericsson will provide technical services to design, implement, and improve the native application to support DST's extensive digital customer engagement growth objectives. This multi-tenant application will give DST the digital foundation and agility it needs to become a completely-digital service provider and expand its creative offers across the region.

Radin Sufri Radin Basiuni, CEO of DST, said, “DST is opportune to work alongside industry leading partners, AWS and Ericsson to achieve our DigitalCo aspirations. DST is the first Brunei telco to run our core telecommunications systems in the cloud, enabling us to be the digital services leader in Brunei by focusing on the development of new digital services. Our Digitalco strategy is offering innovative digital services through its MyDST app. The breadth of innovation under this project supporting our DigitalCo strategy extends from migrating to the AWS cloud, to powering an interactive chatbot and dynamic service offerings; on an omnichannel engagement experience.”

New Income Opportunities

The customer interaction application, developed using Ericsson's Business and Operations Support Systems service, supports chatbot, mobile app, operator portal, SMS, and unstructured supplementary service data engagements. This holistic methodology streamlines product purchases and subscriptions, expediting new income opportunities.

AWS's Head of Telecom Industry (Asia-Pacific and Japan) Jayanth Nagarajan welcomed DST's choice of Ericsson and AWS as a first step in their cloud-native journey, saying, “We are delighted that DST chose Ericsson and AWS to unite the multi-channel customer experience as a key first step in their cloud native journey, and we look forward to continuing to support more of such innovation.”

This transition involves hosting the application in a cloud-native environment on AWS, aligning with DST's digital-first strategy. By leveraging AWS, DST aims to enhance its digital capabilities, further reinforcing its leadership position in Brunei. This strategic collaboration signifies a step forward for DST in embracing innovative technology solutions, ensuring a robust foundation for delivering enhanced customer experiences and solidifying its dominance in the local market.

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