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CelcomDigi has partnered with PETRONAS to deploy 5G in accelerating the digital transformation and sustainability efforts for the energy industry in Malaysia.

The two-year collaboration will allow PETRONAS and CelcomDigi to jointly explore the possibility of employing 5G technology to enhance PETRONAS' operations in the techno-digital industrial sector. This encompasses the implementation of exclusive 5G networks, which have already demonstrated optimistic outcomes in improving operational efficiency and safety.

“We pioneered the adoption of 5G technology for enterprise in Malaysia last year when we successfully adopted the 5G private network at its Regasification Terminal Sungai Udang (RGTSU) and witnessed increased efficiency in our operations,” said Aadrin Azly, PETRONAS’ Vice President, Group Technology and Commercialization.

Additionally, the collaboration will prioritize the incorporation of environmentally friendly energy solutions into CelcomDigi's enterprise offerings, with the objective of promoting their usage among Malaysian enterprises and encouraging sustainability in the energy industry.

Albern Murty, Deputy CEO, CelcomDigi, emphasized the importance of 5G technology in modernizing operations within the oil and gas industry and advancing sustainable practices.

“We look forward to scaling 5G-related improvements across other business areas, leveraging real-time connectivity and data analytics to optimize operations and actualize our shared clean energy aspirations for the oil and gas sector,” said Murty.   

The new collaboration between PETRONAS and CelcomDigi builds upon its longstanding partnership from 2019 with the establishment of the first private 4G LTE network on Angsi, one of PETRONAS' largest offshore platforms. Since then, the collaboration has resulted in 21 fully 4G-connected offshore platforms.

The newly established Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed by Azly, Murty, and Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Gentari and Chief Executive Officer of Gentari Green Mobility. Mohd Yusri Mohamed Yusof, PETRONAS’ Senior Vice President, Project Delivery and Technology was also present at the signing ceremony. 


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